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Alicia Prayze, of Jamaican descent, was born and raised in the UK. At 18, after graduating from The Urdang Academy, where she trained in singing, acting and various dance forms, Alicia began performing in professional musical theatre productions.

A seasoned career in performing arts inspired Alicia to develop her own brand of accessories, that would allow people a way of expressing their personality through their chosen visual language.


“Music and the Arts are an influence on my work; I love colour, boldness, vibrancy and flamboyant images. ”


Travelling has been a great inspiration and visiting places like India, Japan, America, Canada, Jamaica, Barbados and many places in Europe has enriched Alicia's artistic passions. Witnessing the amazing landscapes, colourful festivals, exotic foods, vibrant colours, fashion, prints and mentality of peoples from different cultures and exploring their ways of life, were experiences that will never be forgotten and will continue to inspire Alicia’s work and creativity. Alicia hopes to not only always be inspired, but also to inspire other people to progress and reach out for their own dreams and aspirations!

“I aim to use the talents that God blessed me with to be a positive inspiration to all. The message that I want people to grasp is that all things are possible if you believe in yourself, we all have a purpose!- Never give up on your dreams and never let go of your inner child- it's what keeps you alive!

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