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My Artistry

I love jewellery as an art form, as a means of expressing my mood at that moment and sharing a personal experience that can evoke emotive responses in me and in those with whom I’m interacting.

With my designs I aspire to create interesting styles and components to entice the wearers’ interaction and command responses that cry out “Touch me! See what I do? See why I am here?” 

Jewellery is not mute – it can be a powerful way of communicating a message or a statement. The context underneath my creations is always positive, and I aim to communicate inspiring messages in every piece, with the hope that the light I feed into them will continue through the wearer and go on to inspire others. My creations can also be a form of entertainment. I offer owners the opportunity to have a voice, by allowing them to have choices in the composition and therefore the language of the piece - a beautiful exchange! 



colour gravity earrings insert.jpg

I believe that “playing is freedom” and I encourage participation from my wearers, to indulge in a childlike way. Play gives us permission to explore, to be inquisitive and to ask questions, and then allows us to discover the answers or possibilities for ourselves. By incorporating an element of  ‘play’ into my jewellery design, I believe I’m serving people by bringing an additional ‘twist’ in the form of engagement with the wearer. The owner is taken through an experience by being able to interact with the wearable objects and can therefore become connected to them in a very real and different way.



These silver earrings can be worn numerous ways. The slidable bracket can be adjusted to pull the silver stems together or allow them to spread. Not only can the form of each earring be changed, but they can also be worn from the front or from the back of the earlobe.

Puzzles, performing arts and architecture all contribute to the inspirations for my designs. I believe that through emotional connections, touch and play people are not just entertained, but can also be encouraged to think, and to be inspired. Toys and puzzles are designed to do this as well – to entertain, and spark creativity and ideas. It is a wonderful thing to give and contribute to someone else’s life, even if only in a small way. With this element to my designs I feel able to do just that, to make a difference and imbibe a positive experience that can be of advantage to the wearer of my designs and therefore be ‘my gift’ to the wearer. 

As an example, I am inspired by architecture, not only because of the shapes, forms or the building itself, but more to do with the attachments, structures and mechanisms involved in the architecture. Also, in a playful “Alicia-in-Wonderland” like way, I am intrigued by the idea of shrinking something down from a huge scale to something small enough to manipulate and handle … and wear.

I work mainly in metal, but always seek opportunities to combine non-traditional materials with metals to create contemporary, unique combinations.


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